About Organizers

With inspiration from Dr. Khadar and Dr. Sarala, we, a group of individuals, who have experienced benefits of Siridhanya (positive millets) and heard from people who found relief from chronic and lifestyle diseases, are organizing the program in the middle of nature. Siri Jeevan brings the benefits of Dr. Khadar Valli's healthy lifestyle that includes sun-gazing, nature walks, drinking structured water and eating food made with Siridhanya, kashaya, cold-pressed oils, and palm jaggery. The focus of this package is to create awareness in the public, to avoid eating rice, wheat, maida, milk, sugar, sugar cane jaggery, and refined oils and start eating positive millets, the food of the future. Dr. Sarala (daughter of Dr. Khadar Valli) will conduct the orientation program.

During the 3-day Siri Jeevan package at Mumbai, participants are provided guidelines on a healthy diet, sleep, relaxation, meditation, yoga, therapy, and use of natural products for everyday use. Even healthy people can have one kashaya (herbal decoction) every day, and those with ailments can follow the herbal decoctions course as prescribed by Dr. Khadar Valli. Through Siri Jeevan, we aim to create the right awareness programs to take Dr. Khadar Valli’s health guidelines to the public and achieve the greater good.

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About Dr. Khadar Valli

Dr. Khadar Valli, is a native of Proddutur town, Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh. He has been working relentlessly in reviving Siridhanya, also known as positive millets for nearly 20 years. After having completed a Masters in Science (with a specialization in Education) from the Regional Institute of Education, Mysuru, he went on to get his Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bengaluru, for his work involving steroids. He married his classmate Usha. He pursued his postdoctoral research fellowship in environmental science from Beaverton, Oregon in the USA. His research involved deactivating deadly chemical substances such as Dioxin at a time when food was being rapidly commercialized. After completing his postdoctoral research at Oregon, he worked as a food scientist in the central food technology research institute at Mysore. Later he worked in various sections of DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware in the USA for over 5 years. He felt that instead of working in a foreign country for a living, it would be meaningful to strive towards making a healthier society in his own country. Therefore, he returned to India from the US in 1997 and settled down in Mysore. He worked hard to revive five different types of millets that were fast disappearing. In the process of consuming each of these millets, he discovered that the healing properties present in them could cure even deadly diseases. Hence, he named these five millets Siridhanya. To cultivate them naturally, Dr. Khadar propounded a method called ‘Kadu Krishi’, also known as Jungle Farming. He has been treating his patients for their diseases by recommending the consumption of Siridhanya, different plant/tree leaf decoctions, and homeopathic medicine in dire cases. He is of the firm opinion that paddy rice, wheat, milk, nonvegetarian food, untimely eating habits, genetically modified crops, chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, and herbicides are instrumental in polluting the environment and food, thereby leading to the quick spread of lethal diseases. He claims that the consumption of Siridhanya can facilitate the prevention and cure of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, constipation, piles, gangrene, triglycerides, PCOD, low sperm count, skin diseases, kidney, and thyroid-related disorders. Siridhanya also prevents brain and blood-related diseases. He is adored by the people of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana alike, and pulls big crowds to his food/health talks in these places. He has delivered a talk at Tech Mahindra’s Bangalore location and has recently completed visits to Dubai and the USA organized by his followers. He connects all the dots by educating people about health, educating farmers about cultivation and preventive methods in farming. He is also contributing to the preservation of water and nature. People often have the misconception that he is speaking only about health; however, he speaks about a wide range of topics, with health being just one aspect. His dream is a healthy and sustainable society.

About Dr. Sarala

Dr. Sarala Keiko Bangalore was born on 29th Oct 1990 to Dr. Khadar and Usha. She is a resident of Mysuru, Karnataka. She completed BHMS in 2014 from a government homeopathic college. She was the topper of her batch. Also, she won a gold medal from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. She is currently practicing homeopathic medicine at Mysuru. She is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and a certified yoga teacher. She is married to Kushal, an environmental engineer. Living the life envisioned by Dr. Khadar, she has imbibed the knowledge about Siridhanya and a simplistic living closer to nature thus closer to health. She is eager to educate people about all that she knows.