TESTIMONIALS jan'2021.pdf

"I am Arun Desale from Mumbai, a diagnosed patient of LGMD having mutations in GNE and LMNA genes. Though mine is mild form of muscular dystrophy it was much difficult for me to walk even 100 meters on plain surfaces too. Things were going worsened in terms of physical and mental stability. I was getting feared of losing mobility with growing age. In addition I I diagnosed with SV conduction anomaly(heart rhythm abnormality-average 40 bpm) as the manifestation of LGMD.

In the last summer I came across Dr. Khadar Vali's video on YouTube. I was much impressed by his elaboration. I watched his all videos and attended couple of seminars too snd went through his books to realize only that he is the great scientist and humble person and introducing only disease free lifestyle and not any commercial product hidden in backyard. I started following his lifestyle and taking food and kashayams strictly.

Well, after six months I am able to walk 5 kms in an hour easily, my heart rate is increased upto 65, my posture is getting normal and physicality is getting changed in positive manner. There is positive change in every aspect of body and mind. I am eternally sure that I would be completely away from my stubborn disease to climb new heights.

Everyone in the world should follow his lifestyle.

P.S. please let him be a simple human being and scientist Dr. Khadar vali. Don't make him 'Guruji' or 'Baba'; it will create another mess up in the society."